How our system will benefit you

With the combination of high resolution pictures and the compiled high quality and web friendly timelapse footage, regular updates can now keep key stake holders up to date with the progress of important projects. There is no need to wait till the end of the construction project to receive the benefits of our service.

  • 24 Mega Pixel
  • Solar powered
  • 3G/4G internet connection
  • Download images to desktop
  • 1080p – 4k Time Lapse movies
  • IP65 weather proof housing

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What's Included

24 Mega Pixel Camera

Our fleet are all fitted with the exceptional Nikon D3300 24 megapixel camera. With a diverse amount of inbuilt effects; the sky is the limit with creative output of your project.

Solar Powered

Our System can be configured with a solar panel to manage the power needs of the unit, which can end up saving you plenty of money on installation costs as there is no need for an electrician to do any tricky wiring or connections. The solar panel is connected easily with a single plug into the underside of the unit.

Hi Resolution Image download

Instant access to full-resolution images on your computer. Your webpage will display all your photos taken by the camera and allow you to conveniently download images to your computer desktop or desired folder location on your computer. Easily search through the date ranges or download them all.

Phantom 4 Drone

4K Video Resolution

Our editing team will work tirelessly to bring you the very best. We have mastered our editing practises to bring great justice to your magnificent project. Fast Media Solutions will always strive to excel and move forward with the times, adopting new ideas and practises to further improve our product is how our business will evolve and grow and most importantly bring you the very best.

3G 4G Internet Connection

3G/4G Internet Connection

We are connected with the best in the business to bring you high resolution images effectively and efficiently across Australia with Telstra. Our units have been tested in the outback of Australia and will have no issue with uploading from any site in Australia.

Self Managed Time Lapse Camera

IP Weather Proof Housing

Our fleet is protected by an IP65 rated weatherproof housing which ensures the valuable photography equipment inside is safe and dry through whatever nature might throw its way. The housing is water tight and has been proven time and time again that it can handle extreme weather conditions.