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How We Work

  • Remote Site Monitoring


    Monitor your site anywhere, anytime with our state of the art remote viewing platform for you and your stakeholders witness the construction efforts from your computer or device.
    • Back dating capabilities in order to track the project, employee movements and even weather.
    • Watch and manage multiple projects at the one time
    • Save thousands in invoicing disputes
  • Progress Video Updates

    We provide quality progress videos for you to use to update internally, externally and to stakeholders of the project. Time-lapse marketing has gone major traction with both social media and video platform as it tells the story of your creation.

    • Unlisted youtube platform which allows you to choose who sees it.
    • Great way of demonstrating to clients your current projects
    • Update your stakeholders

  • Final Package

    At the completion of the project you will receive a marketing package with all images captured, access to all the cameras old files and copies of both edited and unedited time lapse videos of your project.

    • Choose the length of your video
    • We encourage your involvement in the editing room
    • Custom logo animation and other materials can be supplied

Latest Works


The Time lapse camera has been a great investment to see what is going on daily from a remote site.

Brenton Woolston, Managing Director, Almondco